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Celebrating a life lived and a personality loved


Through the use of personal photographs and text, the books provide a forum whereby a person’s life, spirit and passions can be embraced, enabling the care they receive to be specifically tailored to their individuality.

An attractive and dignified companion for the person living with the condition, the books also act as an important practical resource, providing an intimate pen picture of the person and offering first hand advice on ways to personalise their care.

To Know Me books also serve as a memento; an opportunity for family and friends to share precious memories with their loved one, to celebrate life and achievements and to inspire and stimulate conversation and interaction.

To Know Me books are attractive, simple to use and entirely portable. They can be easily compiled either by the individual themselves, by their family or as an interactive experience between the two.

Future To Know Me books are in production, to include books specifically designed for the conditions of advanced Parkinson’s Disease and Huntington’s Disease. You can sign up below to be informed of when each To Know Me book will be available to purchase.

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To Know Me books are easy to create, whether you want to create a book for yourself or for a loved one, you will create a lasting legacy of a life lived, full of choices and preferences.

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To Know Me Photo Books

At Know Me we believe that through recognising and acknowledging individuality in people, we hold the key to understanding them and their needs.

To Know Me books enable the creation of a mini-biography and personalised care guide which will help in tailoring care more personally to the individual.

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